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Grantors & Sponsors
City of Seattle
Lucky Seven Foundation
     In memory of M. Franklin Backus, III
Pride Foundation
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
Seattle Parks Foundation​​ Community Parks Fund
Whole Foods

Individual Donors
Thomas Andrus
     In honor of Abner Gaston III
Mark Baumann
Philip Bereano
     In memory of Michael R. Myers
Scott Bertani
William Block and Susan Leavitt
Annika Brauer
Leroy Chadwick
Kali Curtis
Hannah Davich
William Etnyre and Michael Lonesome-Etnyre
Bob Evans and Steve Davis
Fern Feldman
Paul Feldman
Ellen Ferguson
Christine Freeland
Leonard Garfield and Tom Wolfe
Karen Goldsen
Alan Goldwasser
Kamuron Gurol and Tina Rogers
Camille Hanhardt
Michele and David Hasson
     In honor of Thatcher Bailey
Lee Heck
Eric Helgeson
     In memory of Andy Nelson and Sam McMorrow
Christine Hurley and Marlys Erickson
Brian Knowles
Jason Lamb and Alan Kristal
Mary Lamery
Lonnie Lusardo
     In memory of Bill Ford
Patricia McInturff and Hunter Hansfield
Susan Mello
John Mullen
Steven Hamilton and Paul Neal
Caila Nickerson
Charles Nordhoff
Linda Page
Stephanie Pietras
Lawrence Pike
Jason Plourde
Judy and Al Plourde
Anthony Radovich
Tom Rasmussen and Clayton Lewis
Sharon Ray
Robert Roblee
     In memory of Tracy Brown
Rob Roth and John Berg
     In honor of Jason Plourde
Steven Sawyer
Duane Schuler and Sylvia Wolf
Gunner Scott
Joanne Stekler
Carol Sterling
Thomas Tidyman
Dennis Torres
John Treat
Cathy Tuttle
Solenne Vanne
Joshua Wallace
Sam Whiting
Sally and Richard Wolf
Dr. Robert Wood
     In memory of David C. Cervenka
Nobuko Yamasaki

(donors as of August 1, 2018)

The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway
c/o Seattle Parks Foundation
105 S. Main St., #235
Seattle, WA 98104

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