Share Your Story

We know the power of story. Telling our stories provides meaningful and compelling messages about people, places, and events. Consider these points when creating your video to share with The AMP:

Why is this story important to you? What makes it interesting to others? Are there historical references that connect it to a specific timeframe? If remembering a specific person, what is aspirational or inspirational about them? How has HIV/AIDS changed your community, or shaped your life personally? What has it meant to have lost loved ones to AIDS?

Please adhere to these guidelines so we can add your video story to The AMP website:

  • The story must be relevant to the issue of HIV/AIDS.
  • Please speak directly about your experience, and respect privacy by not describing another person or their experience with identifying detail.
  • Refer to others by first name or general descriptor (for example “my friend Joe” or just “my friend”).
  • Try to use language suitable for general public. Graphic or profane language limits who will view your story.
  • Try to keep the length to 5 minutes or less.
  • You can submit a simple self-recorded video, or an edited video, BUT it must be uploaded to either Vimeo or YouTube and set to public.

YOU ARE NOT SUBMITTING A VIDEO FILE. You will post the video on your own YouTube or Vimeo account, and share that link in the “Video URL” field below. The link will be used to embed the video on our website.
(Remember, your video on Vimeo or YouTube must be set to “public.”)

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  • Not displayed on site
    If your submission is published, should we display your name with the video?
  • If you would prefer an alias, please provide it here.
  • In order to help visitors find stories that may relate to their own experiences, please select appropriate tags below for your submission. Check all fields that apply.

  • By submitting this form I agree that I have the rights to share this video, and that it does not defame anyone. I have also followed the guidelines for submission listed at the start of the form.

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