The AMP:
AIDS Memorial Pathway

Using public art and technology to create a place for remembrance and reflection in Seattle about the AIDS epidemic.

The story of AIDS is a story of dignity, social justice, humanity, and the thousands of people who fell, fought, and provided care and comfort. The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway was born out of a desire to recognize the AIDS crisis in Seattle and throughout Washington State, and our communities’ responses to this crisis.

The AMP App with Augmented Reality (AR) image

The AMP App with Augmented Reality (AR)

Art is a path to individual and community healing.

To help develop a deeper experience, The AMP App with augmented reality features digital-only artworks and storytelling that works in conjunction with physical artworks.

The Pathway image

The Pathway

The artworks of The AMP are designed to take visitors through an emotional and historical journey related to the AIDS epidemic in our region from the early 1980s to today. Created by artists of different backgrounds and perspectives, they bring remembrance, reflection, creativity, and action around HIV and AIDS, to all of us.

The List of Names image

The List of Names

Reading a name can help us connect to personal memories. This collection of names from Washington State of those who’ve died shows the vast impact of HIV/AIDS.

Our Stories image

Our Stories

The stories of those who have survived, died, witnessed, and continue to fight against HIV/AIDS must not be forgotten.

The AMP has created this collection of videos to share memories and histories from our communities. You can view dozens of short interviews, and even share a link to your own video story.