On Saturday, June 26, a special program featured the artists and community supporters of The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway

AMP Stories

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The AMP Dedication

This is the complete morning program held as the Dedication of The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway. Speakers included:

Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy – Invocation
Tom Rasmussen – The AMP
Calandra Childers – Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
Sen. Jamie Pedersen – State of Washington
Christopher Paul Jordan – andimgonnamisseverybody…Introduced by Russell Campbell
Civilization (Gabriel Stromberg, Corey Gutch, Michael Ellsworth) – We’re Already Here…Introduced by Jeff Sakuma
Storme Webber – In This Way We Loved One Another…Introduced by Marlys Erickson
Horatio Hung-Yan Law – Ribbon of Light…Introduced by Leonard Garfield
Michele Hasson – The AMP
Fred Swanson & Melvin Givens – Gay City
Michael Ingersoll – The AMP
Jason Plourde – The AMP

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