Her son Hiram, her life's journey, and her work as an activist

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Reverend Dr Harriet G Walden

Rev. Dr. Harriett Walden says that her son’s name and memory is invoked somewhere everyday, and this video tribute to him helps us understand why. Rev. Dr. Walden grew up in Florida, left due to their segregation policies, and eventually settled in Seattle. Her oldest son was Hiram Clark Salisbury, who was a good big brother and “an obedient and dependable child.” He came out in high school, and with a black belt in martial arts did not stand for bullying. Hiram was well known on Capitol Hill, and Rev. Dr. Walden was called “Momma” by many in the LGBT community. Her home was one where “we accept all people…and all people are welcome here.” Sadly, in the late 90s, Hiram “got sick” at a time when many local black churches shunned people with AIDS. Many PWAs died alone, with no family or ashes to be scattered. However, Rev. Dr. Walden, along with other family members, watched over Hiram during his “semester of care” from 2004-2005. She states that as his mother, she was with him when he was born and also when he died. A loving tribute from a mother to her son.

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