The Art Plan

The AMP will use public art to create a physical place for remembrance and reflection, utilize technology to share stories about the epidemic and the diverse community responses to the crisis, and provide a call to action to end HIV/AIDS, stigma, and discrimination.

After months of research and community engagement, Lead Artist Horatio Law completed The AMP Master Art Plan. The comprehensive document describes the placement and intention behind the several art zones of The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway, makes recommendations on continued community engagement, and includes essays to convey the sense of place.

The AMP will select five artists/art teams to create work for the various art zones:
• The Centerpiece Artwork RFQ will be created by Christopher Paul Jordan. Read more about this.

• The Connecting Artworks is in the selection process for an Artist or Art Team. This artwork opportunity combines Art Zones 2, 3, & 6 from the Master Art Plan. It calls for elements that will serve as wayfinding pieces through different areas of The AMP. They should be congruent, thematic, and can incorporate the plaza benches, passageway lights, street paving, and other adjacent elements.
• The Community Room will provide an an opportunity for artwork in a public meeting room, visible from the street, within the Station House. This selection is planned for May.
• The Cal Anderson Park art zone will include landscape design and artwork along the north edge of the park. This selection is planned for summer 2019.
• The AR/XR component will require an individual or team who can design an Augmented/Mixed Reality component for The AMP which will include interactive experiences and information related to the history of HIV/AIDS in Seattle and King County. This selection is scheduled for late summer 2019.