Changing the Narrative (video)

The AMP’s Inreach Initiative is changing the prevailing narrative of HIV/AIDS as a disease of gay white cisgender males. Through the Initiative, we are creating awareness of the disproportionate impact of AIDS on communities of color and the compounding trauma suffered as a result.

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods approved funding of the 2018 Inreach Initiative which focuses on opportunities for African Americans and its diaspora as well as for other communities of color, including Latinx, Asians, Pacific Islanders, First Peoples, and Alaska Natives to tell stories about living with HIV/AIDS; stories from the friends and loved ones of those living with or having died from HIV/AIDS; and stories about those who engaged or engage in the work of ending HIV/AIDS.

In early 2018, The AMP selected Rosette Royale to fill the role of Capacity Building and Engagement Consultant and to help achieve the following goals: tell the history of Seattle/King County’s AIDS crisis of the 1980-90’s; capture the lessons from the crisis; share the community responses to it; and gather stories too often unheard, invalidated, and at risk of being lost to the passage of time.

Our Commitment to Equity.

Please let us know if you would like to share a story about how HIV/AIDS has made an impact on your life.

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